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Full Body Yoga Routine: a Step by Step Guide

We talk a lot about loving, embracing, and being gentle with your body here at PADA - it’s at the core of what we do. But what does this actually mean in practical terms?

There are lots of poses, routines, and workouts you can do, and we know it can be confusing and overwhelming - especially if you’re new to yoga, or returning to an exercise regime after having a baby. That’s why we’ve put together this expert step by step guide to a gentle full body yoga workout.

First off, though, be sure to check out our guide to getting prepared for a new exercise routine, especially if you’re a new mama looking for a post-natal wellness approach you can trust.

So grab your yoga mat, shimmy into your favourite PADA leggings, and let’s work out together.

Step 1 - We start with a mountain pose, which is simply where you stand upright. From there, we go into a forward fold and a rag doll pose, with your fingertips on your elbows.

Step 2 - From here, we move into a half fold, with hands on shins and a nice flat back. This engages the hamstrings and strengthens the core.

Step 3 - Then it’s on to our first animal pose of the session: downward facing dog, stretching out and strengthening your wrists, back, and hamstrings. Follow this by bending your elbows and knees, and moving on to hold a plank position.

Step 4 - From here, it’s time to get those knees and elbows touching on each side, before moving into a side plank with wave, knee to top of arm - this really gets your side ab area engaged.

Step 5 - We follow this with press ups - however many or few as you feel is right for your body.

Step 6 - Next, lower yourself down into puppy pose - and follow this with the cobra position. Make sure you’re lifting those sit bones and pressing down into the earth, protecting your lower back.

Step 7 - Tuck in those toes and move into a tabletop position, ensuring a nice flat back, knees positioned below your hips, and hands below your shoulders. This position will help strengthen your arm and shoulder muscles, whilst engaging your abs as well.

Step 8 - Next, we move into a flowing cat-cow pose, moving the spine from a rounded position to an arched one in sync with inhalation and exhalation. The breath work element of this pose makes it a simple vinyasa, linking breath to movement.

Step 9 - From feline to canine - yes, we’re moving back into downward facing dog, before lifting one leg to go into three-legged dog.

Step 10 - From here, lift up your hips, taking you into scorpion pose, and press your foot forwards so that it sits above and between your hands. This can be tricky to maintain balance, so feel free to position your legs as if on two different train tracks, rather than in a perfect line, adjusting your back leg to give you greater balance.

Step 11 - After this, lift all the way through your core to take a high lunge position - this is great for improving balance and stability, strengthening your leg, arm, gluteal and core muscles.

Step 12 - Follow this with some fists of fire, which requires some deep breathing and on the exhalation, bringing those fists to your hipbones.

Step 13 - Next, it’s time to do some fiery kicks - aim for six, but listen to your body and what is achievable and realistic for you. We don’t do strict regimes and peer pressure here at PADA; everyone’s bodies and workout needs are different.

Step 14 - From here, move into chair position: adopt a squatting pose with legs bent and arms up nice and high, with your shoulders relaxed.

Step 15 - It’s time to shred! This yoga shred movement asks us to go from chair pose to warrior, then back again. Repeat this approximately ten times, and feel free to hop or jump in between each one.

Step 16 - Let your body then flow into a trikonasana, aka triangle, pose. Keep your movements beautifully floaty for this one, and lift your arms as if you’re pulling a bow and arrow.

Step 17 - Amazing work! You’re halfway there! Repeat steps 1-16 on the other side, and don’t forget to cool down afterwards and really take the time to be at one with your body.

You’ve just done an amazing full body workout - nice one!

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