About Our Founder

The PADA Story

PADA founder Hannah wanted to create leggings that every woman can feel truly empowered in.

A lifelong yoga lover, Hannah’s story became PADA’s story when she had her daughter in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, and subsequently struggled with Post-Natal Depression.

While attempting to get back into her yoga practice for her own mental and physical wellbeing - and spending time playing with her little girl which involved lots of crawling round the floor! - Hannah realised that there were no leggings that suited her needs - or her knees.

After sewing old bra pads into her existing yoga leggings, she decided there had to be a better way - and her research also led her to learn that around 20% of the population suffers from some form of knee pain, too. Determined to solve her problem, get back into yoga, and empower other women in the process, she created PADA.

The result is super simple, super stylish, and super supportive. PADA leggings are a high-quality 240gsm polyester blend (78% polyester, 22% spandex) with a unique and discreet high-density PU foam knee pad insert. This snazzy little secret protects the patella and the top of the tibia (but please note this is not a medical grade product) to help keep you moving with freedom, confidence, and really cute athleisure wear!

The Millie, Light Pink Sculpting Knee Padded Leggings Pada

Meet our Founder, Hannah

PADA founder Hannah wanted to create leggings that every woman can feel truly empowered in.

"I wanted to create sportswear that was respectful of women’s bodies and empowered them to do whatever they wanted, with no limitations. I wasn’t bothered about looking like the influencer girls in their gym crop tops or doing backbends and handstands galore- although they look truly amazing!

I just wanted to look like me, move like me, and feel good while doing so.

My mission now is to help other women in the same way."