Move with Freedom and Style

Whether you can do a triple back flip, or can't quite touch your toes, PADA's sculpting leggings are here for you. From squats to Savasana, they'll be your new lifetime favourites.

Hannah - Founder of Pada Tribe

For us, it's personal.

Our founder Hannah is a yoga teacher, mum and entrepreneur.

She had her daughter in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, and subsequently struggled with Post-Natal Depression.

While attempting to get back into her yoga practice for her own mental and physical wellbeing, Hannah realised that there were no leggings that suited her needs - or her knees. So, PADA was born.


Say Hello to Your Knees' New Bestie

We love your knees - and your knees will love you with our ergonomic technically designed knee-padded leggings, available in limited edition colours. Be the first to get a pair of PADA leggings.

Knee Padded Yoga Leggings With Eco Packaging

We believe in creating clothes that are timeless and can be used again & again. Plus, our packaging is fully compostible - and even has wildflower seeds inside! - so you can sit back and watch the flowers grow, knowing you're not contributing to landfill.

Reach your goals, whatever they may be, in comfort, style and with a clean eco-conscience.

PADA: Elevating Comfort and Confidence in Yoga Clothing

In the bustling world of yoga clothing, where comfort meets style, emerges PADA - a brand born from personal experience and a desire to empower women in their fitness journey. PADA was founded by a young mother who, after battling with postpartum depression, found solace in yoga. However, persistent knee pain became a roadblock to her practice. Determined to overcome this obstacle and help others facing similar challenges, PADA's founder embarked on a mission to create a solution that would combine comfort, style, and functionality.

Embrace Comfort and Style with PADA's Clothing Collection

PADA offers a curated selection of yoga clothes for women, including their signature knee-padded leggings and accompanying yoga and pilates tops. Designed to cater to the needs of yoga practitioners, pilates enthusiasts, and gym-goers alike, PADA's collection redefines the boundaries of comfort and style in workout apparel. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, these leggings and tops seamlessly merge fashion with function.

PADA: A Journey to Empowerment

Our founder Hannah's battle with postpartum depression led her back to yoga, a practice that had previously brought healing and strength. However, persistent knee pain hindered her progress, prompting her to seek a solution that could alleviate discomfort without compromising her personal style. So, after years of trial and error, PADA was created - a brand that infuses the essence of yoga wear with a dash of innovation.

Kneepads: A Path to Unparalleled Performance

At the heart of PADA's offering lies its revolutionary knee padding technology. These knee-padded leggings were meticulously developed to provide unparalleled support and protection, allowing wearers to engage in yoga, pilates, and gym activities with renewed confidence. The integrated knee pads cushion the impact, minimising strain on joints and enhancing overall performance. Whether you're flowing through yoga poses or pushing your limits in the gym, PADA's kneepads are your trusted companions.

For Every Woman

PADA's knee-padded leggings are designed for women of all walks of life. Whether you're a seasoned yogi, a new mom on a wellness journey, or someone seeking comfortable and stylish gym clothes, PADA is for every woman.

Empowering Your Practice: How PADA Leggings Make a Difference

PADA's knee-padded leggings are more than just yoga clothes; they're tools for empowerment. By providing essential knee support, these leggings enable wearers to transcend physical limitations and explore the depths of their practice. The pain-reducing experience fosters confidence and self-assurance, amplifying the transformative power of yoga, pilates, and gym workouts.

Values that Define PADA

PADA stands on pillars of innovation, empowerment, and sustainability. Guided by a commitment to pushing boundaries, PADA continually seeks innovative ways to enhance the fitness experience. Moreover, the brand embraces every individual's journey and aims to empower women to conquer challenges head-on. PADA is also dedicated to sustainability, ensuring that all of the packaging is completely compostible, and you'll love your PADA leggings for many years. No fast-fashion here!

Why Choose PADA?

Choosing PADA means choosing quality, innovation, and empowerment. By investing in PADA's knee-padded workout leggings and tops, you're equipping yourself with gear that's designed to nurture your practice and enhance your confidence. These products aren't just garments; they're a testament to the brand's dedication to enabling women to embrace their strength and overcome challenges.

In a world where yoga clothing transcends mere attire and transforms into tools for self-discovery, PADA stands as a beacon of comfort, style, and empowerment. With knee-padded leggings that redefine possibilities, PADA invites every woman to embark on a journey of physical and emotional transformation, one empowered step at a time.