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PADA’s Guide to Starting Your Post-Natal Exercise Routine

A good exercise routine can have incredible benefits to mental and physical health, but starting a new exercise routine can be hugely daunting - we get it.

Whether you’re starting from scratch or returning to the gym, yoga mat, or running track as a new mother, post-natal exercise is something we’re passionate about at PADA.

In fact, our founder Hannah created the brand as part of her own post-natal exercise journey, although PADA leggings are for anyone, not just new mums. With our unique ergonomic (and super discreet) padded knee design, you’ll feel supported through downward dog all the way to a dash to the shops.

We’re all about empowering women to move through life with freedom and confidence, which is why we’ve put together our expert guide to tackling exercise anxiety and returning to an exercise regime - from someone who knows!

Don’t Push Yourself Too Hard

Whatever your fitness level in the past, coming back to - or starting anew with - an exercise routine means taking stock of your body and mind as it is now, not as it was. This is especially important for new mothers, as the changes our bodies go through during and after pregnancy are truly transformational and remarkable - we’ve grown a whole human, but that’s a totally different kind of strength to holding a complex new yoga pose or running a marathon!

Hannah recommends starting slow and gentle, and celebrating the movement your body can do, rather than pushing it to achieve arbitrary fitness goals. Gentle yoga is a great way to incorporate movement and exercise into your life, and PADA leggings are the perfect companion for those energising floor workouts, too!

Other Gymgoers Aren’t Your Competition

PADA is all about empowering women - and that means fighting back against the nonsense we’ve been told about other women being our competition! We achieve incredible things when we uplift other girls and women, and that’s crucial when it comes to overcoming those exercise nerves and starting a fitness regime.

Hannah says it’s important to remember that it’s not about being able to stand on your head or being the most Instagrammable yogi (although we all love seeing the Instagram girlies achieving amazing things too!) - it’s about embracing YOUR movement, YOUR journey, YOUR identity, and YOUR life. Inside all of us there’s a gal who DGAF, and we’re here to help you unleash her on the world! After all, confidence looks good on you.

Exercise Is Everywhere

PADA leggings are created for every woman who wants to feel great in her everyday life. Especially as new mums, it can be practically impossible to carve out time for what we might call a “proper workout” - which is why it’s a game changer to think of life as filled with exercise opportunities everywhere. Walking to the shops? Hoovering the floor? It’s all movement, and it all counts.

If it helps with mindset and motivation, why not try exercising with a friend? Something as simple as going for a jog or walk together is a great start, or getting together for a yoga session in your front room. Doing these things with a friend is an exercise confidence booster and a great opportunity for a catch up, especially as a new mum.

Hannah loves that PADA leggings, with their supportive teardrop shaped knee pad and flattering high waist design, are perfect for crawling round the floor with her little girl, running to the shops, or squeezing in a quick yoga session at home.

Get The Right Kit

It’s a well known phenomenon that when we look good, we feel good - and that’s never more important than when overcoming those exercise anxieties. PADA leggings are designed to flatter and support, with a supportive high waisted design and shorter waistband to prevent gapping when doing squats or floor work, and a reflective silk print perfect for those evening exercises.

Shop PADA Leggings 

They’re available from sizes S to XL and in many stunning colourways, so you’ll definitely find a pair to suit your style - and with a handy pocket for your phone, they’re the perfect companion for everyday errands and exercise alike.

The ergonomically designed knee padding in high density foam provides support to the patella and top of the tibia (although these are not medical grade) and each pair comes with its own PADA branded wash bag, so you can keep your new best friends in tip top condition, workout after workout. Life is too short to settle for bad leggings, and at PADA we know you deserve nothing but the best.

We’d love to see you styling your PADA leggings out in the world - whether you’re hitting the gym or strolling to the shops, it’s all about embracing your movement and your freedom. Let us be your new best friend: shop PADA leggings today!

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