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How should I wear PADA leggings? 

Oh, good question! We know this may seem obvious, but there are a few tricks to get the best kneepad position: 

1. Ensure the circular ankle logo is over your knobbly bit of your ankle (or your Lateral Malleolus if you're being fancy) 

2. These leggings were made for standard height and above people, so anyone who is under 5ft 4, please opt for a petite version of PADA's leggings. 

3. Go high! The high-waist should sit just under your belly button. Use the hidden drawcord if you need any more support. 

4. Stretch it out! If you find that the seamless stitching is tight, feel free to gently stretch this out to ensure a smoother finish on your leg.


How do I wash PADA leggings?

Simply pop your PADA leggings into their branded wash bag, then put in the washing machine on a delicate or 30 degree cycle. Air dry the leggings lying flat, and remember NOT to fold at the knee pad, iron, or tumble dry.

Are the pads removable?

No, they’re securely sewn into the leggings.

Do PADA leggings come in petite or tall sizing?

Petite ladies - we are here for you! We have petite sizing available in exclusive colours. We are working on our taller sizes. 

Do PADA leggings offer compression knee support?

No, the pad is just to offer additional support at the front of the knee to support your patella and the top of your tibia. This is not a medical grade product.