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Our Founder's Journey: Redefining Comfort in Yoga Wear

The Inspirational Journey of Hannah Burton: Redefining Comfort in Yoga Wear

In the world of innovative fashion and wellness, there seemed to be something missing. 

All our founder, Hannah Burton, could find when searching for yoga leggings, were fast-fashion leggings with awkward waist bands and see-thru legs.  Plus, after her body changed and knees panged when doing yoga, there was nothing to help support her knees that looked...well...nice!

So, after a long journey, our very own Hannah Burton, became the mastermind behind the game-changing, ergonomically advanced kneepadded yoga leggings that have been stealing hearts and soothing souls all over.

But Hannah's story is not just about leggings; it's a tale of resilience, passion, and a commitment to making a positive impact in the world. 

Hannah's journey started with a personal struggle, one that many of us might have faced or know someone who has. After welcoming her precious little girl into the world, Hannah found herself grappling with the challenges of post-partum depression.

She sought solace and healing in the practice of yoga, discovering a world of tranquility and rejuvenation that ignited a spark within her.

As her love for yoga deepened, Hannah's journey took a beautiful turn. She decided to become a yoga teacher, eager to share the incredible benefits of this ancient practice with others. It was during her time as a yoga instructor that she noticed a common struggle among her students - the discomfort and strain that some poses brought to their knees. Rather than ignoring it, Hannah saw an opportunity to make a difference.

Driven by her passion for empowering others and creating comfort in movement, Hannah embarked on a quest to develop the perfect solution. Countless hours of research, design trials, and unwavering dedication led her to create the now-iconic kneepadded yoga leggings, a true game-changer in the world of yoga wear. These leggings are not just about style; they are a testament to Hannah's unwavering commitment to enhancing the well-being of others, one stretch at a time.

Hannah says: 

"Creating these yoga leggings was never just about fashion; it was about fostering a sense of comfort and empowerment in every yogi, every person doing pilates, and every mum, daughter, grandma, sister and friend.

My journey has taught me that even the smallest acts of kindness and innovation can spark joy and make a meaningful difference in someone's life. We love the fact that people are sharing the benefits of PADA leggings with their loved ones and their own yoga/pilates tribes. Let's all continue to support each other!" 

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